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Title: Most of all arouse me a nice girl(or boy) exercising hard in gym
Post by: Patrik3838 on September 02, 2016, 05:35:50 AM
Mean some really hard exercise eg. riding exercise bike in warmer broom. I can see the nice boy is totally red in face in a while and soon starts to sweat, more and more so sweat pours from every pore of his body and finally finish his exercise exhausted and shirt totally soaked with sweat. I start to feel how he attracts me and how much I wish to be alone with him and take off his wet shirt, see his body all shiny and drops of sweat running down. Then we both get all naked and I kiss him and then hug, very tightly. I can feel how sweat pours down his sexy body and also can smell his personal scent, the pheromones from his sweat. My dick is hard like stone without any touch. It's such personal and natural for me. However I want to finish my boy first. He deserves it for such hard exercise. I'm gently caressing his body, smearing sweat running down his body and soaking in towels under us and stroke his dick. Boy starts to be more and more aroused, moaning louder and louder and soon telling me that he is such close so I finish him with my mouth and tongue and let him cum allover my face. His load was really huge same as his pleasure, his sweaty body was all shaking and he almost screaming in pleasure. I let him relax for a while but soon feel the growing pressure and gain tightly hug my boy, feel how ha orgasm made him sweat even more and I can smell his body again, now it almost getting me out of control and he starts slowly stroking my dick. I feel I'm such close, moaning loudly every time he touches my dick, now I start loosing control and feel I'm coming. I fast change my position, feel pleasure so strong that almost losing conciousness and cumming like crazy, really flooding my boy's sweaty body.
I was from teen age so much attracted by all sweaty boys and girls and have similar experience with 3 boys and 2 girls and their sweaty bodies ( of course all nice clean before sweating ) always helped me reach the strongest pleasure and cum much more than in normal, no sweaty situation.
I don't know if this is some kind of fetish but really missing to pet my lover's body all bathed in sweat. And I'd be very lucky if that person becomes also my loyal life partner. Then for sure want have small private gym.
If somebody arouse similar hot plays then i cannot wait for your message.