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Author Topic: 3 boys and their sweaty adventures  (Read 183 times)

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3 boys and their sweaty adventures
« on: January 10, 2020, 07:07:38 AM »
Bodies after intense sweating and flood of cum
Because Lucas enjoyed our private time as much as I did, few days ago he called me and asked if I would like to repeat it. I said : “ Come this time to my apartment, we don't need to worry of privacy “ He said : “ Great, just one more thing. I've a good friend who is 25 yo and has similar bi curious feelings as I do and is really good in running. He is also cute and nice body “ I said : “ Lucas, I have exercise bike and treadmill so take your friend with you just tell your friend to be ready to sweat” He answered : “No worry, my friend use to sweat. “
I was such horny. I never had 2 sweaty boys at same time. They knocked on my I door at 4PM, Lucas introduced me to Adam. I said : “ Boys, I'm such horny, my shower is pretty big. I'll wash and refresh your bodies before exercise. I love you both and have ready for you try exercise bike and treadmill. It's up to you to choose. I turned on heating in that room so the temperature now is 94F. Don't you mind boys?,” Lucas said : “ It's hot but we can try to make it” I said : “ Great, I just love to make pretty boys sweating. Sweating is also good for your body. And Lucas already knows from last time how big pleasure he can give me.
One more thing before you dress, boys. Both of you now step on scale. Is good to know how much you sweat out your bodies. Good, your now we can start “ They both were such sexy dressed in white undershirt, blue shirt and shorts and I gave them headband and towel. Lucas choose the bike, Adam treadmill and they started their exercise. I could see how both got red in faces very soon and in few minutes started to sweat. Adam looked even younger than 25 yo, I started to feel how much I want him, his face was all shiny and drop after drop run down his throat and soak in his clothes. He was sweating really a lot. My cock was hard like stone, just imagined his body 5 minutes was sweat from Adam΄s shirt such soaked that sweat was dripping on the belt. Finally was 45 minutes over and I let boys relax for a while. I said :” Boys, I’m such proud of you for exercising such hard. Most boys would give up but you made it. Now drink each whole bottle of ion drink. I need to have you naked, I'm such horny. Yes, love your shiny bodies. “ I told boys to lay down on the mattress covered with layer of towels. I started caressing their bodies and play with their cocks. Soon they both were hard and Lucas got very horny and said he wants to repeat what we did last time. We used some anesthetic gel to prolong the pleasure. I said “ No rush, boys, even slower than stronger it'll be. I'm such full, I wish to cum on our bodies. Lucas got closer and closer, he tried to slow down and Adam was moaning louder and louder. I said I want to finish him with my mouth and tongue. And soon he screamed and cum on my face. Just few seconds after took out Lucas his already cumming cock and 3 big spurts sprayed my body. Adam smiled at me and said : “ I’m sweating from every pore but I feel amazing, now you, how you want it? “ I said : “ Adam, let me press to you, I want to get all wet from your sweat, I want to be all wet from you sweat. Adam, now I can smell you your personal scent, your cute body after sweating. Yes... Lucas said : “ i think you will cum a lot …last seconds before explosion and orgasm was extreme, pleasure on border on consciousness and my cock cumming for 15 seconds .Then we went back to shower, I gently washed both my lovers in colder water to cool them down and stop sweating
I sent boys to check their weight on scale, Lucas lost 7lb and Adam almost 10lb in these 90 minutes. It's a lot of sweat and I love boys sweat a lot.
Pity that both are married, Adam could be amazing boyfriend.


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