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Author Topic: Depositfiles.com: Real CFNM Interviews with Girls  (Read 5833 times)

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Depositfiles.com: Real CFNM Interviews with Girls
« on: November 23, 2011, 05:39:01 AM »
Kay is a w0man that so much loves CFNM, she has a site where she interviews REAL girls about CFNM.   Below is a download of the entire interview, and it's interesting to watch.

Many of her interviewees do not even know what CFNM is, and to keep it real, they sometimes don't tell some of the girls that there will be naked men standing next to them during the interview, as is the case in this one.

In this one, an attractive bl0nde girl, Kathy, is clearly surprised when they explain CFNM, and even more surprised that nude men will be part of the interview.   In fact, when she tells the first model, Gordon, to take his shorts off, Kathy looks stunned and mouths/whispers with wide eyes "Are you serious?!"   But she agrees to do the interview anyway.

What is wonderful to watch is the dynamic of an ordinary girl talking about naked men, and what she likes.   The first model stands there stark naked and is clearly aroused as he starts to sport a boner with his big dick.  Kathy at first is hesitant to look right at it, but soon overcomes the hesitancy and stares at it.   Gordon doesn't realize it, but his dick starts to drip precum, but in one scene, Kathy notices it and does a double-take then stares at the tip of his erect penis watching it drip.

Kathy seems honest and when asked if she was at a nude beach and saw an attractive man masturbating, would she secretly watch him, and Kathy says "Oh yes".  Kathy mentions how she enjoys watching men masturbate and Gordon can't help it but to start to stroke his dick, and Kathy watches him unabashed for a few seconds.  Kay also asks Kathy to inspect the models naked butts, and then to talk about his penis shaft, length and girth.  She has the models lift their penises and asks Kathy to judge their balls, then finally to look closely at the heads of their dicks and tell us what she likes or not likes about them.

At the end of the interview, Kathy is asked if she enjoyed herself, and although she admits it was very different, yes, she enjoyed the interview.   One has to wonder how representative Kathy is of most girls - wouldn't it be great to see girls you know do the same interview?   ;D

Note:  These videos are not obtainable in any other format than .flv as the site doesn't allow downloading, although the can be converted with the right program.  The aspect ratio is elongated so you need to use Real Player or some other media player that allows you to stretch or condense the width.

Video - compressed .rar folder with 10 individual video segments; 174 MB total:


Video caps:

Above is a favorite - he's dripping precum and she notices it dripping out of the tip of his penis.  He's ignorant about long strands of it coming out while the girl and the interviewer can see it.

Here is another real interview of a real girl like the one above with Kathy.  This is a pretty girl, "Erica".  What is great about Erica is her constant smiling and her clearly enjoying CFNM and the interview.   At one point she's asked about whether she likes to watch a man masturbate and she shes "oh yes!".  Kay then asks the model to "jack off" so that Erica can evaluate his technique.

Erica turns to the model (second photo below) and says "Yes Gordon, please jack off for me" and laughs.  She then enjoys closely watching him jack off talking about how she likes his technique including how he pulls on the end of his dick:

Compressed video folder - 171 MB:

Vid caps:


The following is a two session compilation with a girl named Freya.  At first, Freya comes across in the beginning as a shy, soft-spoken...even delicate girl and one things she will be unable to handle it.  However, as the first video progresses, in her soft spoken way, Freya is very forthright and candid, and clearly enjoys the interviews.  Her enthusiasm is so evidenced when Kay says to each man "we would like to see you jack off" and Freya leans forward looking closely at the dicks in their hands very interested in the inspection.  And she is not shy about telling a guy he has a "very small" dick, like the one in the caption below (yet her honest observation resulted immediately in a hard boner pointing up and at her, which she observes...one has to wonder what she was thinking at that moment realizing her telling a guy he has a tiny penis gave him an erection?)

She did so well in the first interview that Kay invited her back for a second session.  In the second session, it is clear she really wants to inspect these men's dicks and in the end tells Kay she really had "lots of fun" and would like to come back again and rate more cocks - so we say to her "Thank YOU Freya!.   ;)

Compressed video folder - 273 MB:

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